YOU CAN’T RUN FOREVER (2024). Review by Steve Kirkham



3 stars
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YOU CAN’T RUN FOREVER is the kind of film you’ll be interested in watching because it stars the ever reliable J.K. Simmons – this time as a seemingly motiveless and relentless killer.

It opens strongly with Wade (Simmons) at a gas station, quickly establishing that he is a piece of work, as he indiscriminately shoots several people dead, just for the hell of it.

We then meet Miranda (Isabelle Anaya), who is going through “stuff” as her Mum Jenny (Fernando Urrejola) has remarried to Eddie (familiar face Allen Leech, Downton Abbey) and is now heavily pregnant.

Out with her stepdad for a drive they are harassed by Wade and Dad is shot – she runs into the nearby forest to try to escape and she initially manages to get away… of course our implacable killer is soon in pursuit.

With the sheriff’s department proving to be useless, as they are waiting for a new sheriff to arrive – the case ends up being handled by two young, fairly inept deputies (with one looking about 12 years old). It takes distraught Mum a spot of searching on the net, to finds out about who Wade is.

Late in the film with get something akin to motivation for why he is doing what he is doing, however it doesn’t really explain his actions and by that time the script has started to meander. Maybe it would have been better to leave him as some kind of unknowing killing machine, as he certainly goes out of his way to kill as many people as possible, whilst trying to catch poor, frightened Miranda.

Of course Simmons is good as he always is – and is probably the only reason to watch this. The problem is he is almost like a cartoon villain.

This is an okay thriller with people making dumb decisions which never builds any real sense of tension. It was directed by Michelle Schumacher, who is married to Simmons and co-wrote with Carolyn Carpenter. Their daughter Olivia is in the cast, their son Joe wrote the score and one Randle Schumacher produced. Nothing like keeping it in the family.

Inevitably you are left with the same thought as one of Wade’s oft-repeated line… It doesn’t matter.

Steve Kirkham