Recently received a letter from Nigel Taylor of Rickmansworth, a very lovely part of the world, with a copy of his fanzine, Worlds of Strangeness. I find it very comforting in this internet era that folk like Nigel are still printing up their zines and I thoroughly enjoyed having a read through it. Aside from Nigel’s enjoyable appraisal of H Rider Haggard’s She, there’s a intriguing fanzine review column by Justin Marriott, who Nigel describes as a one man zine machine. Justin apparently publishes The Paperback Fanatic and Pulp Horror. Other contributors to this pleasingly well written journal which includes some pretty engrossing sci-fi and horror fiction include Benedict J. Jones, Anthony Watson, Darren Williams and Andy Boot, who says he would like to be Will Hay when he grows up. I trust he went to St. Michaels then. Copies of Worlds of Strangeness can be obtained from Nigel for a fiver including p&p at, and don’t forget to tell ’em who sent you!