This just in from long-time reader Mark Burns: I am a huge fan of the horror genre and am involved behind the scenes of a UK event called ‘Weekend Of The Dead’. We are bringing over to the UK some of the stars from the films of George Romero.This year marks our third event and appearing this year are the following guests:
Russell Streiner and Judith O’Dea from Night Of The Living Dead
Lynn Lowry from The Crazies
Sharon Ceccatti,the iconic ‘nurse zombie’ from Dawn Of The Dead
John Amplas from Martin,Dawn Of The Dead, Knightriders,Day Of The Dead
Lori Cardille and Jarlath Conroy from Day Of The Dead.
Our first two events brought over guests from Dawn,Day and Land Of The Dead.
Our events are entirely created by fans for the fans and we are a non-profit event.All monies made go back into the pot to help fund the next event.
Further information on our unique event can be found on Facebook (look for Weekend Of The Dead) and at our website:

Looks pretty much essential to me. Are you going?