THE HOLY VIRGIN VS THE EVIL DEAD (1991) Review by Steve Kirkham



4 stars
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Dr. Sheung (a young Donnie Yen) is having fun round a fire pit with a bunch of his female students. Suddenly the moon goes red. Lanterns burst into flames. A mad crazy vampiric man, the Moon Monster (Sonny Chang) attacks out of nowhere. Knocked unconscious in the onslaught, he awakens to find everyone dead. Of course the cops don’t believe him and he becomes suspect number one. Two cops, Inspector Chun (Ben Lam) and the rather highly strung Sgt. Hu (Sibelle Hu) are given the case.

Chow Yun Fat (played by Robert Mak/Te-Lo Mai and presumably named after a certain famous actor) is a private eye friend of Sheung’s and bails him out – assuring him he will help to find out what happened.

The green glowing-eyed monster strikes again – this time a couple making out in a car. The boyfriend is killed and she is sacrificed at a weird shrine featuring a female deity with a moustache. What’s going on? It’s not entirely clear to be honest.

It’s all to do with some ancient tribe in Chenla (now Cambodia) and the goddess that came down from the red moon – course it is! Each year this divine being demands three women to be found to serve her.

This is one of those movies where it is best not to try and make too much sense of the plot and just go with it – the monster attacks, flying through the air, is impervious to bullets, a good kicking and even being electrocuted doesn’t kill it! You get krazy kung fu, cheesy effects and a bonkers script that has a plot that almost makes sense – what’s not to like!

Overall this is a fun watch that throws everything but the kitchen sink into the mix.

The disc looks good for the most part with some darker scenes exhibiting higher levels of grain. The film is presented in two versions – the better looking of the two is the Category II, whereas the Category III, which features nudity and some violence, is a cut together with the additional alternate scenes drawn from a standard definition source with burnt in subs.

Steve Kirkham

2 stars
Interview with scriptwriter/assistant director/actor Lee Ho-Kwan (28 mins)

Interview with actor Robert Mak (15 mins)