THE GIRL IN THE TRUNK (2024) Review by Steve Kirkham



3 stars
Vertigo Releasing / Sunrise Films. Digital UK & IRE and US & Canada.

This is one of those simple, straightforward, elevator pitch movies: Girl is trapped in trunk of a car and must try to escape.

Manda (or is it Amanda? Well played by Katharina Sporrer) is running away from something, dressed in a wedding dress. Returning a rental car she finds the offices closed. Next thing she knows she is trapped in the trunk (the boot to us Brits) of a speeding car driving through the heat of Texas (though the film was shot in Denmark). This opening scene is well staged without revealing too much.

Initially we don’t see the man responsible for her predicament (Caspar Phillipson), just hear his voice as he taunts her and tries to find out what’s she is trying to get away from. He proves to be cruel, tormenting and somewhat sadistic. They begin a back and forth dialogue.

Luckily for her, she is quite resourceful and tries every way she can think of to try and extricate herself from the situation and escape from the cramped confines. The mind games progress, with her captor even letting her use a mobile phone, and he appears to be doing this for no other reason than for psychotic fun and it appears he has done it before…

Danish writer/director Jonas Kvist Jense has successfully crafted – for the most part – a cracking thriller aided by the strong central performance. He creates a good sense of claustrophobia and considering the limitation of it mainly being set in a very cramped space it is imaginatively shot.

I do have to admit though that whilst watching it I vacillated between ‘this is clever’ to ‘this is utterly ridiculous’ as it does tip into the laughable once or twice – including a bit with a helicopter which I won’t spoil here. Overall though this is worth a watch.

Steve Kirkham