THE DEVIL CAME HOME (2021). Review by Steve Kirkham



2 stars
Miracle Media. Digital. 24th June

A man sleeping. Restless. A strange figure wearing googles and an elaborate gas mask and sporting a skull headed cane approaches the man’s house – in a poor day for night shot. The music tells us it’s sinister… of course it’s a nightmare from which he awakens and wakes up his long suffering wife.

You see the frightened chap in question is Tim (Greg Hobbs), who is suffering from PTSD from his time in the army. He lives with his wife Elaine (Diana Ellis) and his grumpy stepdaughter Mindy (Jade Callender). His outbursts are affecting them both, as he is seeing things that aren’t there.

His wife gets him to talk to psychiatrist Peter Richards (played by writer/director George McCluskey) with Tim talking about the strange masked man trying to take him over. Before long the troubled ex-soldier appears to be possessed and speaking in a foreign language and attacking with a knife. His wife is so upset by his behaviour that she knocks him out and whacks him into a strait-jacket… because who doesn’t have one of them just lying about the house.

The dull cinematography, much of it set within the confines of the house, with everything looking drab and uninteresting, plus variable acting (as is often the case in these low budget British offerings) and lots of po-faced dialogue all add up to a bit of a slog, with parts of the film frankly laughable.

Steve Kirkham