SORRY CHARLIE (2023) Review by Steve Kirkham



4 stars
Miracle Media. Digital 27th May

Apparently inspired by true story of a killer that used recordings of a baby crying to draw women out of their houses and kill them.

Charlie (Kathleen Kenny) works from home in a house she inherited. She rarely leaves the protective sanctuary of her abode except to garden and for visits to the Doctor. She is pregnant, having been raped on Halloween by a masked intruder going by the name of The Gentleman (which he clearly isn’t), and is nearly full term. She works for a crisis helpline, fielding calls and trying to help, whilst also dealing with the aftermath of her own trauma.

She sees seemingly good news when a man is arrested and convicted of being the serial rapist and killer – however when she hears the voice of the man she realises the police have the wrong person… and she begins to believe that The Gentleman, who strikingly wears a suit, top hat and skull mask (Travis William Harris and voiced by Connor Brannigan) is watching her and has come back to kill her. But is what she is experiencing and seeing real or the result of fear and paranoia?

Carried by a strong central performance by Kenny, the antagonist is suitably freaky and this works as both a horror film about a murderous psycho and a study in handling trauma.

Efficiently told in just over 70 minutes, director Colton Tran makes good use of a single location and this feels like a film potentially conceived during Covid.

Steve Kirkham