SLOTHERHOUSE (2022) Review by Steve Kirkham



3 stars
Plaion Pictures. Digital download 12th February

In the jungles of Panama a cute sloth is pulled from a tree by a crocodile – somehow it survives and drags itself to shore only to be shot by a hunter with a tranquilliser dart and bagged up to take away. Back at the river it is revealed that the small arboreal creature has killed the much stronger reptile. Don’t mess with the sloth!

We then move into the the main film which is your typical teen sorority house outing – and it is soon obvious this isn’t to be taken too seriously… then again I guess a killer sloth should have alerted me to that intent.

Emily (Lisa Ambalavanar) is a senior, and dreams of being Home President at her sorority, just like her Mum before her. But of course she is up against the popular and bitchy Brianna (Sydney Craven) – the not so friendly neighbourhood mean girl. You know the sort.

Desperate to get her social media presence up, in order to win the vote, Emily meets the hunter from the opening scene who offers to sell her the sloth – an adorable pet will surely appeal to her followers.

Being a modern film it keeps flashing up each characters number of followers as a way of letting us know their standing. This is already becoming something of an annoying cliché.

Deciding to take up the offer, she visits the guy from the mall, but he isn’t anywhere to found… but she can’t resist taking the animal anyway – little knowing that it is a killer! Proposing her new acquisition as the house mascot, all seems fine… until our mini murderer, who apparently has the ability to operate a computer sees something that makes it flip – let the bloodshed commence.

When I got the press release for this my immediate thought was – where do they come up with these ideas! A comedy horror, this is bright and breezy but totally throwaway, with an attractive cast who are mainly cannon fodder for the kills. The animatronic sloth is just about believable.

Filmed in Serbia apparently – just in case you were interested.

Steve Kirkham