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Issue 230: Squirming in Terror!


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Horror to make you squirm is on offer in this great new issue of Britain’s top horror magazine. The films of Jeff Lieberman feature killer worms on the rampage, backwoods maniacs and bald-headed LSD psychopaths, but he’s a surprisingly nice fella as you will discover in our cover feature. Other great articles include a history of terrible transplants in the movies, a look at how Jack the Ripper’s exploits were, er, exploited by Hammer Films, a fun spin through the groovy chiller film soundtracks of Stelvio Cipriani and a trip back to the 1950s to celebrate the work of ‘Fast Eddie’, aka Edward L. Cahn, who gave us such treats as Voodoo Woman, Creature with the Atom Brain and It, The Terror From Beyond Space. Oh and we have Danny Dyer and zombies too. Read it over a pint in the Queen Vic!

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