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Issue 176: The Age of Monsters


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We talk to Yoshiro Nishimura, explore more ‘X’ certificate memories and take a close look at the classic big bug flicks of the cold war.

Tokyo Gore

Calum Waddell chats with Yoshiro Nishimura, one of the Land of the Rising Sun’s more accomplished ambassadors of cinematic excess!

Are You Afraid of the Dark

We talk to the director of Lights Out, a scary new feature film that started life as a massively popular internet short…

The Age of Monsters

We knew it had to happen eventually. Denis Meikle goes nuclear, with an epic feature on the classic big bug flicks of the cold war 1950s…

Hyde and Shriek

Neil Pettigrew isn’t in two minds about the 1931 Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde. He reckons it’s a classic, and tells us why.

More ‘X’ Certificate Memories

Richard Holliss once again delves into the pages of film industry bible Kinematograph Weekly, to gauge the influence of the X film on the 1960s cinemagoer…

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