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Issue 175: An Animated Life


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We celebrate the legend that is Ray Harryhausen, talk to Cannibal Ferox director Umberto Lenzi, sit down with italian gore great Ottaviano Dell’Acqua and loo at The Phanton of Paris.

So Sweet, So Perverse

Cannibal Ferox director Umberto Lenzi talks to Calum Waddell about his giallo work, including the extremely bizarre Spasmo.

Beware the Stare

Martin Stephens (The Innocents and Village of the Damned) chats with Simon Hooper about his recollections of appearing as a child star in these truly memorable sci-fi and horror movies…

An Animated Life

We celebrate the cinema’s legendary stop motion pioneer, one of the true genre greats, and check out the ongoing restoration work of the Ray and Diana Harryhausen Foundation.

Phantoms of Paris

The City of Lights becomes the City of Frights as Denis Meikle looks at The Phantom of Paris and The Mystery of Marie Roget…

The Bewitched

We look at the differences between Charles Bennett’s original screenplay for the 1957 classic, Night of the Demon, and the finished movie…

Meet Maggot Face!

Calum Waddell sits down with another legend from the glory gory days of Italian genre jaunts – stuntman and fear-thespian Ottaviano Dell’Acqua…


John Martin interviews the legendary David McGillivray, a man who has contributed more than most to the degeneration of British cinema – and continues to do so to this day!

Melton’s Meltdown

It’s Vamps for the Mammaries this time round as our resident artistic genius Rick Melton exercises some vigorous brush (and vinegar) strokes over the sexy Twins of Evil…

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