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Issue 174: Polanski’s Vampires


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We talk to video nasty icon Al Cliver, explore our ‘X’ certificate memories, look at the making of The Vampire Killers (starring tragic starlet Sharon Tate) and continue our tour of uncharted celluloid territory.

Video Nasty Icon

Meet Al Cliver, who battled gut-crunching ghouls and Lucio Fulci’s temper tantrums making the gory Zombie Flesh Eaters.

The Dark Heart of Cinema

It’s all fright on the night as James Kloda speaks to FrightFest legends Alan Jones and Paul McEvoy.

Mystery Islands – Part 2

Denis Meikle continues his tour of uncharted celluloid territory, where monsters of all shapes and sizes lurk!

Paperback Frighter

Neil Pettigrew continues his nostalgic examination of 1957-1975 British movie tie-in books to horror, fantasy and science-fiction films…

Polanski’s Vampires

Denis Meikle looks at the making of The Vampire Killers, a colourful Hammer-style cult favourite starring the tragic starlet Sharon Tate…

Frightmares in a Damaged Brain

John Martin meets the legendary David McGillivray, a man who has contributed more than most to the degeneration of British cinema!

Melton’s Meltdown

Hammer’s Evil of Frankenstein comes under the scrutiny of our resident artistic genius Rick Melton, a man who does judge a book by its cover.

‘X’ Certificate Memories

Science-fiction and horror movies were all the rage in the 1950s. Richard Hollis recalls how that period was charted within the pages of the industry magazine Kinematograph Weekly…

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