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Issue 173: Kong Turn


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Inside the house of fear, terror tomes, horror historian, reviews, news and much more!

News From the Dark Side

You axed for it, and here it is – the Ed serves up the latest gossip on the horror scene, as revealed to him by that bloke down the pub.

Splatter Scribe

Calum Waddell interviews an Italian horror legend, screenwriter Dardano Sacchetti.

The Monster Within Us

Richard Holliss interviews actor and writer Charlie Higson regarding ITV’s reboot of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Jekyll and Hyde.

Mysterious Islands

Join Denis Meikle as he explores uncharted celluloid territory, where monsters frequenty lurk…

Tomes of Terror

Neil Pettigrew takes a look back at British movie tie-in books to horror, science fiction and fantasy films…

Mask Man

Wax Mask director Sergio Stivaletti has created many of the most macabre images of Italian horror – as Calum Waddell discovers…

Horror Historian

Stephen Mosley interviews author Brad Steiger, the American author who wrote the first serious books on horror cinema…

Inside the House of Fear

MJ Simpson breaks the silence on the eventful career of British filmmaker Richard Driscoll, the man who put the K in Kannibal and very few laughs in The Comic…

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