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Issue 168: A Very British Monster


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We pay tribute to Christopher Lee, plus interviews with Bronx Warrior Enzo G. Castellari, English Gothic author Jonathan Rigby, Odeon’s Alan Byron, Reviews, News & Much, Much More!

Remembering Christopher Lee

Personal thoughts on one of our greatest horror stars from lifelong fan Johnny Mains.

Grue Brit

The acclaimed English Gothic is returning in a deluxe, expanded edition. We talk to author Jonathan Rigby to discuss his enduring fascination with British horror…

A Very British Monster

Denis Meikle pays tribute to the late, great Sir Christopher Lee, whose long and illustrious career took in Hammer and Amicus horrors, James Bond movies, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings!

Sherlock Lee

Denis Meikle takes a critical look at a forgotten Christopher Lee movie, Sherlock Holmes and the Deadly Necklace (1962)…

World’s Goriest Posters 2

Neil Pettigrew serves up more amazing images from Thailand, where the horror movie posters are legendary for their lack of restraint!

Howling Memories

Christopher Lee did not open-up about Howling II much – but, as an interesting aside in an amazing acting career, it deserves its own little retrospective!

The Trouble With Horror

“Horror is the most difficult genre,” says Odeon Entertainment Group’s Alan Byron. But the label have some upcoming titles it will be difficult for us all to pass up!

Bronx Warrior

Enzo G. Castellari has had a B-movie career that includes post-apocalyptic sci-fi, giallo horror, spaghetti westerns, video cassette staples and even a silly but fun Jaws cash-in.

Melting Moments

Incredible Melting Man director William Sachs has dabbled in just about every B-movie genre you can think of, as Calum Waddell discovers…

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