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Issue 167: The Hound of Hammer


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We look at the making of the classic 1959 version of The Hound of the Baskervilles, examine the world’s goriest film posters, and talk to Irene Miracle, Andy Nyman, Luigi Cozzi and the man behind The Grudge – film-maker Takashi Shimizu

It’s a Bloody Miracle!

John Martin interviews actress Irene Miracle, star of Midnight Express, Dario Argento’s Inferno and the notorious video nasty, Late Night Trains…

Great Years in Fear

Denis Meikle revisits the first year of the new millennium and recalls the very first horrific treats of the 21st century…

The Hound of Hammer

A dogged look at the making of Terence Fisher’s 1959 version of The Hound of the Baskervilles, surely one of Hammer’s most atmospheric movies…

World’s Goriest Posters

Decapitations, zombies biting into human flesh, people impaled on spikes, heads blown apart by gunfire and explicit throat-slittings… Lovely stuff for Neil Pettigrew’s bedroom wall!

Nyman’s Land

We interview popular British actor and author Andy Nyman about his many genre projects, including the long-running stage show, Ghost Stories.

A Cozzi Chat

We chat with Luigi Cozzi, a genre fan who has been ‘contaminating’ the screen with sci-fi and splatter flicks since the 1970s.

Fiftech shades of Fenech

John Martin asks: What strange vice made that maniac Sergio Martino leave carnal drops on the exciting torso of Edwige Fenech? Good question.

Bearing a Grudge

Meet Takashi Shimizu, the filmmaker who launched one of the Orient’s most intriguing horror outings with The Grudge.

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