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Issue 159: Monsters & Cavegirls


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We talk to director Michael Armstrong about Mark of the Devil, explore a year for fear in 1953 and take a Jurassic peek at the movies from Hammer’s Prehistoric Period.

Strong Arm of The Gore

John Martin talks to writer/director Michael Armstrong, whose Mark of the Devil was rated ‘V’ for Violence.

Post Mortem

Readers rant or rave and we reply, it’s as simple as that. What was that forgotten horror movie called? Write in and we might be able to help you.

Paranormal Activities

Alan Jones goes on location for Hammer’s The Quiet Ones, and talks to star Jared Harris.

A Year For Fear: 1953

It was the year of the Queen’s coronation, but Denis Meikle prefers to remember it for House of Wax and The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms. Chuck him in the tower!

Monsters And Cavegirls

Denis Meikle takes a Jurassic peek at the movies from Hammer’s Prehistoric Period, when Raquel Welch and Ray Harryhausen dinosaurs briefly ruled the Earth.

DVD Library

James Kloda and Allan Bryce get together to review the very latest horror releases on DVD and Blu-ray.

Wales From The Crypt

Gavin Baddeley reports on the recent Welsh Abertoir Horror Festival in its 8th anniversary year…

Black Sunday Girl

The concluding part of John Martin’s refreshingly candid interview with legendary horror queen Barbara Steele.

A Chat With Chop-Top

Calum Waddell catches up with Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2’s Chop Top, actor Bill Moseley, for an insightful Q and A…

Infernal Encounter

Calum Waddell interviews Andy Lau, one of Asia’s most popular and iconic actors.

Melton’s Meltdown

Rick Melton brings his artistic vision to bear on The House on Straw Hill, with Linda Hayden as a gal whose legs are like Tesco’s, open 24/7.

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