Home Issues Issue 144: The Halloween Issue

Issue 144: The Halloween Issue


It’s Halloween again, and we’re back with another spooky issue of The Dark Side. No specific ‘theme’ this time, but we’ve got great new interviews for you with some real icons of the horror scene, including Robert (Freddy) Englund, Tom Savini and Kane (Jason) Hodder.

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Man Behind the Mask

Meet Kane Hodder, Friday The 13th’s Jason!

Zombie Creeping Flesh

Video Nasty Star Franco Garofalo Talks.

Django Strikes Back

Franco Nero Shoots From The Lip…

Destruction Down Under

Aussie Exploitation Meltdown!

Argento’s Dracula 3D

A Vampire In Your Lap!

The King of Carnage

Gore Guru Tom Savini Interviewed!

Englund Swings

Are You Ready For Freddy? We Chat To Robert Englund!

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