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Infinity 71: Fire in the Sky!


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The hottest sci-fi and cult TV mag in the known universe just got even hotter as we plonk our loyal readers right in the middle of The Towering Inferno, the classic Steve McQueen/Paul Newman disaster movie that turns 50 this year. We also take to the skies for an adventure win time with Biggles and to Sherwood Forest for an encounter with Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves. We know our readers love a bit of giant monster action and we have that in spades with the city-stomping Gamera, and we profile Star Trek’s ‘invisible man’, special effects guru Wah Chang, whose ground-breaking work featured in many films and TV shows of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. There’s a lot more too, including Arnold (Dad’s Army) Ridley, classic character actor Aubrey Morris and Richard Molesworth’s musings over the state of modern-day Disney films. Grab a copy and enjoy!

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