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Infinity 69: Million Dollar Memories!


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Another feast of sci-fi, fantasy and cult TV begins with a fabulous and brand new interview with the legendary Kenneth Johnson, writer/producer behind The Six Million Dollar Man and many other hit shows. This is a real scoop for us, so don’t miss it. We also revisit T.V. Fun, a sister title to the established Film Fun and Radio Fun featuring strips based on various TV shows and celebrities, and in Suffer the Little Children we look back at some of the low points of 70s and 80s children’s telly, including abysmal shows like The Sunday Gang and Emu’s All Live Pink Windmill Show. Grange Hill comes in for a bit of a pasting as well! We also pay tribute to Lost in Space actor Mark Goddard, who passed away recently, and celebrate Auf Wiedersehen Pet alongside The Devil and Daniel Webster. What a line-up, don’t miss it!

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