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Infinity 68: Superman – You’ll Believe a Mag can Fly!


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You believed a man can fly, and now you’ll believe a mag can fly – off the shelves at your local newsagent for a start. Yes, it’s 45 years since Superman hit cinemas and we pay tribute to this Richard Donner classic with a retrospective feature and brand new interviews with two of its stars, Jeff East and Valerie Perrine. Also in a packed issue we remember the late, great Bruce Lee and interview the stuntman who doubled for B.A. Barracks in The A-Team. Jack’s back in a feature on Kiefer Sutherland’s 24, and Gerry Anderson fans will love our chats with the guy who voiced Parker and the lady who created Lady Penelope. Add to this features on Bob Monkhouse, Roddy McDowall, Christmas annuals and collecting spy-fi gadgets and you will be left scratching your head at how we manage to put together such a great mag at such a bargain price.

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