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A Fistful of Suzi




Can a sequel ever be equal to the original? That’s the question we asked when sexy Suzi Shaw came too us with the idea of a follow-up magazine to her now-sold-out Scream Along With Suzi, published in 2020. We agonised long and hard, especially hard, and what swung the balance for us was Suzi’s uncle, impoverished artist Rick Melton, generously agreeing to donate all royalties to a worthy cause, namely the purchase of a new projector bulb for editor Allan Bryce’s home cinema. So it is, with a song in our heart and a suspicious bulge in our boxers we bring you A Fistful of Suzi, a magazine that is not for the prudish and therefore will not be available in shops, ever. Unless there’s a nuclear holocaust and normal standards of decency stop applying. Please DO NOT order this if you are easily offended because we won’t be giving you your money back even if you’re Mother Theresa. As with its predecessor, A Fistful of Suzi is limited to a print run of 1,000 copies and when they are gone they are gone, so don’t come crying to us if you miss out. And don’t bother writing to your MP either – he or she is probably in Suzi’s little black book!