Preview: London Film Memorabilia Convention Hammer and Horror Film Day, 9th November 2013


While there are a lot of events out there for fans of current film and television, for fans of The Dark Side it tends to be mostly film festivals and screenings that focus on our love of all things Dark. A key exception is the long-running London Film Memorabilia Convention, formerly the Collector’s Film Convention, which takes place in the Methodist Central Hall in Westminster, London. The name has changed over the years, but the venue, the dealers and the film fans attending have remained, with the latter group growing every year. Now, with six events a year, they can afford to focus each one, and the next one is all about our favourite genre.

Saturday 9th November will see their Hammer & Horror Film Day in full swing. Hosted by the renowned Sir Christopher Frayling, the line-up of guests and screenings is fantastic for genre lovers:  Caroline Munro, John Carson, Brian Clemens, Norman J. Warren, Martine Beswick, David Warner, John Hough, Damien Thomas, Mary Collinson, and Judy Matheson and more will all be there for individual and group presentations, including a screening of the restored  Twins of Evil. For more information, you can find the complete text of the official press release below. Tickets are on sale now – head over to their site to pick yours up now!

London Film Memorabilia Convention HAMMER and HORROR FILM DAY!

Saturday November the 9th  ( 10am – 5pm )

CENTRAL HALL WESTMINSTER, Storey’s Gate, Westminster, London SW1H 9NH

UK’s longest running film fair and convention, now having it’s 40th anniversary, shows just how much of a mainstay it has been and still is on the London and UK film scene. The Convention presents dealers from all over the UK, Europe, US , Canada and South America, specialising in rare original film memorabilia and collectables. Taking place six times a year these are truly unique events for anyone with an interest in films, with an enormous range of great and fun collectable items at the show to satisfy any movie buff!

Also on the day, actors and director’s signings, illustrated talks, retrospectives and film screenings taking place through out the day, with prominent figures from the heyday of Hammer and the then-New Wave of British Horror in the 1970’s as well, with rare and exclusive photo opportunities for fans. Items covering the history of Cinema can be found, from the silents to the present, from rare items of the 1920’s to new releases and the latest heart throb. Among the many different field of cinema covered at the show are Classic Hollywood, horror films, sci-fi, the best of British and European cinema as well as Cult TV!


The “ HAMMER & HORROR FILM DAY “ is a must attend for horror film fans and those familiar with the British production company Hammer Films, which of course produced some of the most significant British horror films from the 1950’s to the 1970’s.

Specialist merchandise will be in abundance on the day! Also an illustrated talks and retrospective program on the day.

Tickets are limited and available on the website from October the 1st.

The program is hosted by Sir Christopher Frayling and the event producer and organizer Thomas Bowington. It includes  the following:

  • THE ART OF HAMMER HORROR – Captain Kronos : Vampire Hunter. With the actors CAROLINE MUNRO / JHON CARSON and director writer BRIAN CLEMENS remembering the making of one of Hammer’s very best and most unusual films.
  • Reflections : NORMAN J.WARREN The English exploitation pioneer. Discusses censorship, women in horror films and looking back at some of his most controversial films. Inseminoid and Satan’s Slave among others.
  • Reflections : MARTINE BESWICK A mini retrospective. From Connery to Kinski. James Bond, Hammer and spaghetti westerns!
  • Reflections : DAVID WARNER doing his first illustrated retrospective! From Shakespeare to Star Trek! Remembering some of his best genre films such as The Omen, Amicus From Beyond The Grave and working with directors such as John Carpenter, Wes Craven, James Cameron and Tim Burton.
  •  TWINS OF EVIL : Special. A screening of the uncut newly restored and remestered version of the film. Presented by it’s director John Hough and cast members Damien Thomas, Mary Collinson and Judy Matheson. Together for the first time since the making of the film!


The special guest star on this “ Hammer and Horror Film Day “ is like a “who’s who” in the genre of Hammer and horror films.

Including:  * a Twins Of Evil cast and director reunion  * Captain Kronos : Vampire Hunter cast and director reunion * Village Of The Damned cast reunion *

The stars guest are  –

DAVID WARNER – The Omen * Start Trek V & VI * From Byond The Grave * In The Mouth Of Madness * Planet Of The Apes * Morgan : A Suitable Case For Treatment * Straw Dogs * Cross Of Iron * Body Bags * Waxwork * Black Death * Doctor Who *Hornblower * Holocaust * My Best Friend Is A Vampire * Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde * The Outer Limits * Straight Into Darkness * The Company Of Wolves * Frankenstein * Tom Jones * Scream 2 * Necronomicon * Grave Secrets * Twin Peaks * Time Bandits * Time After Time * Tron * The Island * Titanic *

DAVE PROWSE  –  The legendary Dave Prowse famously played Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy as well as being the Green Cross Code Man. He also played the Frankenstein creature three times. His films include  –  Vampire Circus  *  Horror Of Frankenstein  *  Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell  *  A Clockwork Orange  *  Jabberwocky  *  People That Time Forgot  *  Confessions Of A Pop Performer  *  White Cargo  *  Department S ( TV )  *  Space 1999 ( TV )  *  Casino Royale ( 1967 )  *  Doctor Who ( TV )  *  Star Wars  *  The Empire Strikes Back  *  Return Of The Jedi * The last film in the original Star Wars : Trilogy Jedi. Now celebrates it’s 30th anniversary!  *

BARBARA SHELLEY – Village Of The Damned  *  Dracula : Prince Of Darkness * Blood Of The Vampire * Rasputin : The Mad Monk * The Gorgon * The Dark Angel * Maigret * Cat Girl  *  Camp On Blood Island  *  Doctor Who ( TV )  *  Ghost Story  *  Secret Of Blood Island  *  Blakes 7 ( TV )  *  The Man From U.N.C.L.E. ( TV )  *  The Avengers ( TV )  *  Death Trap  *

EMILY BOOTH  –  Cradle Of Fear * Evil Aliens * Doghouse * Sacred Flesh *

KATE O’MARA  –  Corruption * Horror Of Frankenstein * Doctor Who * The Vampire Lovers * Dynasty *

CAROLINE MUNRO  –  Captain Kronos : Vampire Hunter * Dracula A.D. 1972 * The Spy Who Loved Me * Maniac * The Last Horror Film * Slaughter High * Eldorado * Casino Royale * Star Crash * Ray Harryhausen’s The Golden Voyage Of Sinbad *

MARTINE BESWICK – Dr.Jekyll and Sister Hyde * From Russia With Love * Thunderball * From A Whisper To A Scream * Cyclone * Critter 4 * Fantasy Island * One Million Years B.C. * Prehistoric  Women * Evil Spirits  *  Strange New World  *  Night Of The Scarecrow  *  Devil Dog  *  Last Italian tango  *  Seizure  *  A Bullet For The General  *

MADELINE SMITH –  Theatre Of Blood * Live and Let Die * Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell * Taste The Blood Of Dracula * The Vampire Lovers * The Killing Of Sister George *  Carry On Matron  *  Jason King ( TV)  * Up Pompeii  * The Bawdy Adventures Of Tom Jones  *

JUDY MATHESON  –  Twins Of Evil * The Flesh and Blood Show * Lust For A vampire * Crucible Of Terror * Scream…And Die! *  Confessions Of A Window Cleaner  *  Percy’s Progress  *  Las Crueles – The Exquisite Corpse  *  House That Vanished  *

JOHN CARSON  –  Cptain Kronos : Vampire Hunter * The Plague Of  The Zombies * Taste The Blood Of Dracula * Midsomer Murders * The Department S * Night Caller *  The Man Who Haunted Himself * Doomsday * Hammer House Of Horror ( TV ) * Blood Beast From Outer Space * Doctor Who ( TV ) *

JANINA FAYE  –  Dracula ( 1958 ) * The Day Of The Triffids * The Hands Of Orlac * Dance Of Death * Two Faces Of Dr.Jekyll *  Don’t Talk To Strange Men * Sea Wife * No Time For Tears * Room At The Top * Sheriff Of Fractured Jaw * Never Take Sweets From A Stranger *

CARON GARDNER – Goldfinger * Evil Of Frankenstein * Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed * Burke & Hare * The Hellfire Club *  Queen Kong  *  Fiction Makers  * Department S ( TV )  *  The Saint ( TV )  The Champions ( TV )  *  Monty Python’s Flying Circus  *

MARTIN STEPHEN – Village Of The Damned * The Hellfire Club * The Witches * Another Time Another Place  *  Beware Of Childrem  *  Murder She Said  *  Harry Black and the Tiger  *  The Witness  *  A Touch Of Larency  *  Count Your Blessings  *  Battle Of the Villa Fiorita  *  The Innocents with Deborah Kerr and Peter Wyngarde *

TERI & LESLEY SCOBLE  –  Village Of The Damned * The Elephant Man * Ghostbusters Of East Finchley ( TV )  *  Blue Murder At St.Tirinian’s  * Time For Tears  *  She Didn’t Say No  * Timslip ( TV )  *

JOHN HOUGH ( Director )  –  Twins Of Evil * Legend Of Hell House * Howling IV : The Original Nightmare * Hammer House Of Mystery and Suspence (TV) * The Avengers (TV)* The Baron (TV) * The Champions (TV)  * The Protectors (TV)* American Gothic * Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry * Bad Karma * Biggles Adventures In Time * Escape From Witch Mountain * Return From Witch Mountain * Eyewitness * Incubus * Watcher In The Woods *

NORMAN J. WARREN ( Director )  –  Inseminoid * Satan’s Slave * Terror * Prey * Her Private Hell * Outer Touch * Bloody New Year *  Spacedout  *  Gunpowder  *

MICHAEL ARMSTRONG ( Director ) – Mark Of The Devil * The Image * House Of The Long Shadows * Eskimo Nell * The Black Panther * Screamtime * Lifeforce * Psychosis * Haunted House Of Horror *

BRIAN CLEMENS ( Director , writer ) The creator of the all-time cult television series The Avengers – Captain Kronos : Vampire Hunter * Thriller ( TV )  * Highlander * Dr.Jekyll and Sister  Hyde * Watcher In The Woods  *  Danger Man ( TV )  *  Perry Mason ( TV )  *  C15: The Professionals (TV) *  The Persuaders (TV)  *  The New Avengers (TV) *  Hammer House Of Mystery and Suspense (TV) *  Golden Voyage Of Sinbad  *

DAMIEN THOMAS  –  Twins Of Evil * Sinbad and the Eye Of the Tiger * Roman Polanski’s Pirates * House Of Cards (TV) * A.D. (TV) * Blakes 7 (TV) * Shogun (TV) * The Message * Never Let Me Go * Grave Tales * The Talisman * Journey To the Unknown *

MARY COLLINSON – Twins Of Evil * Love Machine * Some Like It Sexy * Halfway Inn * Permissive * Groupie Girl * She’ll Follow You Any where * Passion Potion  *






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