Oh You Nazi Man!


I recently did a DVD cover for the movie Corruption which is being distributed by Bob Murawski of Grindhouse Releasing. Bob is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever worked for but despite posting a cheque to 27 Shit Street he still appears to be under the impression that I work out of some palatial studio dripping with elegant sets and is determined to get one of the film’s stars, Kate O’Mara, up there to do a commentary track while I paint.

Fortunately the commentary host can’t make it. I say fortunately because this week the ladder to my attic studio sheared its bolts and the industrial strength springs launched me through the hole stripping all the skin off my butt cheeks. Had this happened when the slight and elderly Miss O’Mara stepped on it then she would have been catapulted clean through the roof causing both Bob and me much embarrassment.