Those of you who picked up the latest issue of Dark Side can’t fail to have noticed our full page ad regarding The Nucleus Films Euro Cult Cinema Restoration Project. The Nucleus lads needed to raise £20,000 for super duper Blu-ray restorations of Lady Frankenstein and Death Laid an Egg, and I got in early to pledge £25. Since the £20,000 target has now been reached, that means I’ll be getting both of these titles for just £12.50 apiece, quite a result I reckon, but when the magic sum of £25,000 is reached the discs will also contain lots of juicy specially filmed extras, something these guys are especially good at. If you haven’t pledged yet, don’t miss out because time is running short. And to help you make up your mind they have just added a new Top Up Perk

Added 21st November, you can get 6 Great Horror Films in a 5 DVD PACK at £40 – a whopping 49% discount from RRP!

These include the UK DVD world exclusive of the very silly “BLOODBATH AT THE HOUSE OF DEATH” (dir. Ray Cameron, 1983 starring Kenny Everett, Pamela Stephenson & Vincent Price), a double-bill of the superb “CHILDREN SHOULDN’T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS” + “DEAD OF NIGHT” (dir. Bob Clark, 1971/1972 – starring Alan Ormsby & John Marley), the packed with exclusive UK only extras horror classic “DEATH SHIP” (dir. Alvin Rakoff, 1980 – starring George Kennedy, Richard Crenna & Nick Mancuso), the very creepy double-disc set of “GHOST STORY” (Stephen Weeks, 1974 – starring Marianne Faithfull, Leigh Lawson & Larry Dann) – again, it’s packed with exclusive UK extras and the infamous Mexi-horror video nasty “NIGHT OF THE BLOODY APES” (dir. René Cardona, 1968) – fully uncut with English and Spanish audio options! Ideal Xmas presents for Cult film fans! Note: this is a stand alone Perk and is only for the 4 DVDs listed and will be dispatched when the campaign ends The DVD’s are PAL REGION 0.

Remember to tell your friends that anyone joining the Euro Cult Project now is guaranteed to get both “Lady Frankenstein” & “Death Laid and Egg” Blu Rays with limited edition Slip Cases & Post card Sets & their name in the restoration credits :