Introduction to Issue 152


It’s not easy being a writer who works from home, because it seems there’s always something better to do than sit at my computer banging out priceless prose like this. Watching movies, for example, or taking the dogs for a walk, chatting on the phone, making snacks and endless cups of tea or coffee. I tell people that I’m not lazy, just a relaxaholic, but it’s symptomatic of my laid back approach to life that even my smoke alarm has a snooze button. One of my daughters asked me what procrastinate meant and I answered, “I’ll tell you later.” Yes, there’s no excuse for laziness… but I’m working on it. Trouble is I don’t have much time to waste these days because there’s twice as much to do since we started giving you The Dark Side on a monthly basis. The online Dark Side Digital mag is doing really well and we’ve now made it possible for you to download all the issues in your I-pod, I-pad and I-don’t-know-what-else.