House of 1000 Dolls (1967) DVD


Out Now. Mediumrare. Certificate: 15.

Unfortunately not housing hundreds of malevolent miniatures, or even, as termed in The Valley Of The Dolls, barbiturates, the residence in question is instead full of buxom birds. For this is the Swinging Sixties, where guys go to ogle dolls in a seedy bordello, brought there following an onstage disappearing act performed by The Great Marvello (Vincent Price) and Madame Rebecca, his headstrong partner in crime. After the murder of a friend searching for his kidnapped fiancée, criminal psychologist Stephen Armstrong (a flaccid George Nader) attempts to see through Marvello’s illusion of respectability and liberate 1000 scantily-clad bunnies. Like an urbane Hugh Hefner with magician’s cape, Price’s sinister amity adds distinction to an otherwise flat tale of tame intrigue lumped with mannerly erotica.