Here For Blood FrightFest review by Steve Kirkham



4 stars
Frightfest Friday 25th August
Phoebe (Joelle Farrow) is stressing as she has so much college work and an upcoming exam she needs to cram for. She pleads with her hunk of a boyfriend Tom (Shawn Roberts), who is a struggling wrestler who is not making much money, to replace her at her regular babysitting gig as she can’t afford the time. “Guys don’t babysit” he declares somewhat unsympathetically
He does eventually, reluctantly agree and heads out to the isolated home to look after sparky and smart 10 year old Grace (Maya Misaljevic) as her mum Barb (Tara Spencer-Nairn) and stepdad Gil (Michael Therriault) are going out for the evening. Surprisingly, they don’t seem fazed but Tom being a last minute replacement.
Grace is busy playing video games, Tom has money for pizza, all is fine… or so it seems. That is until they house is invaded by a group of weirdly masked interlopers. Grace and Tom must band together to fend off these attackers who appear to more of an agenda than just breaking in. Then, Tom discovers something in there attic he wasn’t expecting which flips this from a straightforward home invasion thriller to something more sinister. Tom is determined to fight back and protect Grace.
Whilst this isn’t wildly original, this is a fun horror comedy which delivers. Shawn Roberts makes for an appealing hero and is taking no prisoners – he is certainly not going to end up the typical horror film babysitter target without a fight! And fight he does… with the title Here For Blood, you can almost hear the audience screaming “yes we are” and this brings the splatter as our muscle bound hero using everything to hand to combat the invaders.
There’s an hilarious part for Dee Snider of Twisted Sister fame as the voice of a disembodied “head” and the film barrels along with both comedy and bloody ultra violence which I am sure must have played like gang busters at it’s various festival showings. This is a joyously gore soaked throwback horror with some nicely cheesy practical effects work and plenty of plasma spilled and splattered. Great fun!