GREEN ROOM (2015) Review by Steve Kirkham



4 stars
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GREEN ROOM follows a punk rock band called Ain’t Rights – Pat (Anton Yelchin) is the bassist, Reece (Joe Cole) the drummer, Sam (Alia Shawkat) the guitarist and lead singer, well lead screamer, is Tiger (Callum Turner). They are living the dream (sort of) touring around in a van, playing small venues and siphoning off petrol from other vehicles to keep themselves on the road. Their “dream” is about to become a nightmare!

When their latest gig is a bust, they are going to give up, but then get a last minute booking, which leads them to a remote roadhouse, deep in the woods in Oregon – playing to a bunch of rowdy, drunk, skinhead white supremacists. What could possibly go awry?

When one of the group witnesses something he shouldn’t have, the group find themselves trapped in the titular room awaiting who knows what fate. Also in there is the frightened Amber (Imogen Poots) and one of the lunkheads (Eric Edelstein), who has been tasked with keeping them locked in.

Before long Darcy (a scary Patrick Stewart – a long way from Jean Luc Picard), who is the owner of the locale, turns up to try and contain the situation – by whatever means necessary. How will they escape alive? Indeed will they get out in one piece…

Whilst this may not be the most original genre entry, it is directed so assuredly by Jeremy Saulnier, that you will be taken in and gripped by it. The script, also by Saulnier, builds the tension and the bursts of visceral violence are often shocking. The tension is often palpable and the brutality always feels believable.

The cast is uniformly excellent, especially Yelchin, who captures the fear the situation presents, with Poots also notable – initially scared she is ultimately courageous as the fight back starts. Also interesting to see Callum Turner in an early role as you can currently see him starring in the recent THE BOYS IN THE BOAT and Apple TV’s MASTERS OF THE AIR.

Considering how well made this is, its surprising Saulnier has since only directed one more movie – HOLD THE DARK in 2018, plus a couple of episodes of Season 3 of TRUE DETECTIVE.

As it is based around a certain faction of US society this could be seen as more relevant now than when it was made.

Steve Kirkham

4 stars

Audio Commentary with Reyna Cervantes, writer and podcast host and Prince Jackson also a podcast host
Audio Commentary with writer/director Jeremy Saulnier
Interview with Saulnier (32 mins) where he talks about his first film MURDER PARTY, a low budget horror comedy, working as a cinematographer for others, about the excellent BLUE RUIN and then the movie at hand.
New interview with Callum Turner (15 mins)
New interview with composers Brooke and Will Blair (15 mins)
Interview with production designer Ryan Warren Smith (15 mins)
Nazi Punks F*ck Off – an analysis by Aussie movie critic Thomas Caldwell (14 mins)
Archive Making of (9 mins)

Limited Edition Extra bits
Rigid slipcase with new artwork by Adam Stothard
120-page book with new essays by Eugenio Ercolani and Gian Giacomo Petrone, Alexandra Heller- Nicholas, Josh Hurtado, Jolene Richardson, Shelagh Rowan-Legg and Thomas Watson
Six collectors’ art cards