Girl Gone Bad (2022) Reviewed by Steve Kirkham



3 stars
4Digital Media. Digital platforms in US and UK. Out now
Also known as Guiltless, there is a very slight spoiler ahead with the opening violent scene setting up the movie.
16 year old Samantha (Alison Thornton who also produced the film) is excited as she has the house to herself as her Mum is away – she is looking forward to time with her girlfriend Amanda (May Lowe) as her Dad is also out for the period. However, when Samantha tries to contact her she can’t get any answer… we know she has been killed. Then the young girl realises that there is somebody in the house.
However, it soon becomes clear she is a resourceful adolescent and not one to be messed with as she flips the expected home invasion narrative and manages to capture the intruder Ron (Alex Zahara) and has him gagged and bound in the basement.
As they begin to converse she reveals she won’t take any nonsense – as she takes her anger out on her captive when she comes to the realisation that he is responsible for killing her friend. But has she put herself in an uncompromising position?
Flashbacks fill in the two girls’ relationship. Mind games and violence ensue as our protagonist proves to be more of a psycho than the interloper!
Director/writer Kevin Schultz shows some promise despite what is obviously a fairly low budget and Thornton gives a forceful, unhinged performance. Despite this, and the unexpected plot turn which makes for an interesting variant on a well worn these, this fails to fully grip. The final twist takes a turn into the ridiculous.
Steve Kirkham