Dead Blessing (1981) DVD and Blu-ray.


Shout! Factory/

Out Now. Certificate: N/A.

Sexy farm widow Maren Jensen is threatened by both her strictly religious Hittite in-laws (led by pop-eyed Ernest Borgnine) and a mysterious psycho killer in this minor entry from popular genre talent Wes Craven. Confused plotting quickly turns this one into a bore, despite the presence in the cast of the odd-looking Michael Berryman and a pre-Basic Instinct Sharon Stone. The writers (one of whom was Craven) can’t seem to decide whether they are making a stalk and slash movie or a supernatural thriller, and the climax combines both to little effect. Predictably enough from the man who gave us A Nightmare On Elm Street, the best bit is a dream sequence, where a spider plops into Sharon’s mouth – yuk! James (Titanic) Horner’s score mercilessly rips off The Omen.