DarkFest Final Schedule


Okay folks, DarkFest is imminent, and we have had to make some last minute fine tunings to the running times, so here is how the day will be going. These timings will be slightly different from the printed ones in the brochure because the cinema has just pointed out we need to leave space for introductions etc. Hey, we are new at this, but it will be fun learning!

12:00 – Arrivals. Bar open for guests. Screen open for guests to take seats.

13:00 – Introduction by Allan (5mins)   HORROR EXPRESS. 87mins.

14:32 – Break.

14:45 – Introduction by Allan (5mins)  NIGHT OF THE DEMON. 96mins.

16:26 – Break.

16:40 – Intro by Allan (5mins)  LADY FRANKEINSTEIN. 109mins.

18:35 – Break.

18:50 – Introduction by Allan (5mins)

Salient Minus Ten, Creak, Amicus (35 mins)

19:30 – Break

19:40 – Intro by Allan. (5mins) SUSPIRIA plays with Dario Argento video intro. 100min.

21:25 – Break

21:35 – Intro by Allan. (5mins) CORRUPTION. 90mins.

23:05 – END