Dark Side Index Issues 1 – 210! By Stuart Easton


Our heartfelt thanks go out to DS reader Stuart Easton for doing a job that we have been far too lazy to do ourselves. Over to Stuart to explain:

‘As a genre magazine reader/collector for over forty years, I have accumulated a sizeable stash of treasured mags. As well as enjoying reading my subscription copies when they arrive, I also enjoy entering details into my own database application. This allows me to go straight to specific issues whenever I want to retrieve a review, feature, or whatever.
I have extracted the data for The Dark Side magazine and saved it in a pdf file. No graphics or introductions – just a plain old index for the entire set of DS’s issues 1 to 210. I hope you find this helpful and please feel free to use it as you wish. I have no objections to you sharing this file with other readers, if you want to post it on the website.’

We do indeed, Stuart, and can’t thank you enough for this towering work of genre scholarship!darkside-index-1-to-210