Dark Side 179


Last Friday was a manic day signing and posting all of the early orders for The Dark Side Amicus book. This Friday is going ti be just as busy sending off the superb new issue of the magazine that shall hereafter be known as Dark Side 179. I just love the cover that Rick Melton has done for us, and there’s a fine feature inside on Fiend Without A Face and the equally treasurable Trollenberg Terror by Richard Holliss. Check out the cover lines and you’ll see that there’s the usual finely blended mixture of new and retro awaiting to pounce on the unwary reader, and as usual we offer the Lloyds of London guarantee that we will scare you to death or your life will be refunded.

Oh, and here’s some more big news for Dark Side fans. Our next issue (180) comes out just before Christmas and we are planning on putting out a special issue on classic horror films such as The Shining, The Omen, The Thing etc at more or less the same time. This will be a one-off, and it won’t be delivered as part of any subscriptions, but you will find it in WH Smith and can buy individual copies direct from us. Please let us know your thoughts on Amicus: The Friendly Face of Fear too, and what do you think we should do next? Hammmer? More Video Nasties? Slashers? Over to you.