Hmm, so orange is the new black eh? Brains might appear to be in short supply in some quarters today, but we have plenty on flying ones on offer in the new Dark Side, available in shops across this fair land and in the good old US of A and other countries tomorrow. The new issue is also up on our website to purchase as a single digital issue if you wish. Our new Amicus book is going great guns and we will be selling copies at this weekend’s London Film Convention in Westminster, where guests will include such Amicus alumni as Bernard Cribbins, Susan Penhaligon, David Warner, Suzanna Leigh, Sheila Steafel, Caroline Munro and Dana Gillespie – so why not pick up a book from us and get them to autograph it? We’d also like to reassure our readers in Mexico that the postage for foreign orders will not go up even if Trump’s wall does!