Binders and T-Shirts


Here’s an update for those of you who have ordered binders and T-shirts from our online and magazine adverts. We are expecting binders in early next week and will post them out straight away. T-shirts have been a little more problematic down to us not thinking things through and offering such a wide variety of sizes and designs. We are sending off T-shirt orders this Friday 13th, and expect to post out the orders alongside the new mags at the end of the month, sorry for the delay but these are great quality tees and you will be pleased if you ordered one (or more). I think we might reduce the number of sizes in future, because we have made it a bit complicated for ourselves. Anyway, if you do want a tee shirt and get a fast delivery on it then be sure to get your order in by this Friday and then you can get in on the first batch.

Oh, and since we had so much fun at the last Westminster Film Fair we will be taking a double sized table at the next one on Saturday February 4th. Hope to see more of you there for a chinwag!