BAD SHEPHERD (2024) Review by Steve Kirkham



3 stars
Scatena & Rosner Films. Digital 22nd April

Four guys in one of those big, shiny, pick-up trucks so beloved of city folks, are driving through a remote forest, heading out on a hunting trip. They are Paul (Christos Kalabogias), John (Scotty Tovar), Travis (Brett Zimmerman) and Leonard (Justin Taite). When they knock over and kill a young girl wandering along the road they are faced with a conundrum – do they call the police, especially as Travis has been drinking. They realise that she has been shot and they also find a bag of money – a lot of money.

Trigger happy John persuades them they should keep their ill gotten gains and dispose of the body up at the lodge. Preparing to bury the corpse, they are interrupted by a well dressed stranger called Sidney (played by director Geo Santini, in an over ripe performance) who claims they have something that belongs to him – and he appears to know far too much about them, including their names.

Before long the interloper is trussed up and tensions inevitably begin to arise amongst the quartet. Secrets begin to emerge as the flat script, by Ryan David Jahn, unfolds. Unfortunately, it has no real meat on its bones, and there is little to no tension and far too much yapping.

A psychological thriller, it does eventually show its hand in a final twist – which you’ll see coming a mile off, the only surprise being the reveal of who or what Sidney actually is – not necessarily being who you likely will have guessed, based on what has come before.

Steve Kirkham