AMP HOUSE MASSACRE (2024) Review by Steve Kirkham



2 stars
4Digital Media. Digital (US Only at the moment). Out Now

AMP HOUSE MASSACRE is one of those ‘killer on the loose’ horror thrillers where you honestly hope all the characters die a grisly death!

The film opens establishing the cast as famous YouTube stars. Mario Stillwell (Dallas Hart) has become the biggest YouTube influencer in the world. Having made millions, he buys a house for himself, his “partner-in-crime” Janelle (Kara Royster) and all his other super annoying friends. That way they can all post on the video platform each and every day, plus constantly film their lives (as they are SO important).

We get a shedload of clips from their various posts before the plot kicks in. At their 1st Anniversary Party, ‘super influencer’ Mario dies face down in the pool. In the much used 1 year later scenario, the group are still posting their vids – though tensions within their number have arisen since the death. Then someone, in a kind of cool mask that has LED lights across it, traps them in their state of the art abode and begins killing them off.

And that is kind of it when it comes to storyline. The film is well enough directed by Dame Pierre and Mike Ware but really, apart from the ‘modern skin’ of social media, offers nothing new when it comes to a murderer out to kill everyone. The only saving grace here is that, considering this is about folks that film their every waking hour, the filmmakers didn’t go down the shakycam, found footage route. The cast are fairly interchangeable, and more than a little irritating, and the most original aspect is the aforementioned mask that the homicidal maniac wears. Apart from that this is by the numbers thriller, though it would be true to say I am potentially way beyond the intended demographic of a film of this nature. Anyway, who uses YouTube anymore – aren’t all the pretty young things using TikTok these days!

Steve Kirkham