Phew, what a day we have had, stuffing envelopes, signing books and carting boxes of them in from the road because the delivery driver couldn’t manage to reverse into our driveway! But I am so delighted with the printing quality of the book. It is a thing of beauty and will be a joy forever if you love old British horror movies as we do. The good news is that I managed to get all of the pre-orders in the post by the skin of my teeth – it took two trips to the sorting office to do so. That means that you should all be getting your copies in the post on Monday. First class post would have cost us a fortune, sorry, and you can never guarantee a Saturday delivery anyway. I am quite cream crackered now and so it’s time to settle back with a nice big Gin and It and watch some creaky old black and white movie – if I can drag Yannie away from watching tennis on Sky Sports! The Friendly Face of Fear is already a massive success and thanks to your contributions we are now surging ahead on our next book. Details will be revealed soon. Next Friday I’ll be sending out the new Dark Side to contributors – it never stops!