ALONE AT NIGHT (2022) Reviewed by Steve Kirkham




2 stars
Signature Entertainment. Digital Platforms 7th August
Following a break-up Vicky (Ashley Benson – known for Pretty Little Liars apparently, she’s also one of the producers) accepts an offer from her friend Stacy (Sky Ferreira) to stay at her family’s remote cabin to get her head together.
Vicky works as a cam girl and this is set during the Covid pandemic. This is mentioned several times but none of the characters act as if there is a potentially deadly virus out there.
Add to this there is a murderer on the loose dubbed The Crowbar Killer.
Her plan is to carry on doing her sexy shows on the 18 & Over website (this was also the film’s original title). When not writhing about sexily, she watches her favourite reality show Trap Stars, which is your typical Love Island-style nonsense hosted by none other than Paris Hilton (complete with her little chihuahua). There doesn’t seem to be any reason for this to be interpolated into the plot except to fill out the running time, add some questionable star power and periodically show annoying clips. Some kind of social commentary perhaps… doubtful methinks.
Of course things like the power goes out and the internet goes down to add to the less than exciting happenings and to bring in a local hunk to fix things. We also get Pamela Anderson popping up as the local sheriff and one of Vicky’s webcam customers is played by Luiz Gusman – he’s kind of fun, which is more than can be said for this mess.
Apparently this started life being released as an NFT – seriously! This fails on almost every level: it’s not tense or thrilling and isn’t even sexy!