Dark Side 182


Our cover for Dark Side 182 features the original Pet Shop Boy, and fans of the Hammer House of Horror TV show will know exactly what I am talking about. The main picture, one of Rick Melton’s finest, is also a fair representation of the look on any horror fan’s face should they fail to pick up a copy of this when it goes on sale a week this Thursday. Of course subscribers won’t even have to wait a week to get their copies, because we will be posting them out this Friday. We have excelled ourselves here with an issue that covers all bases, from scream queens to Godzilla, from comic book horrors to the Dark Side of Disney, from Horror Conventions to Hammer TV and the guys who collect memorabilia. There’s even some old guff about our latest Film Fair visit since the first one went down so well. If you’ve forgotten about resubscribing or haven’t gotten around to doing so in the first place, now’s the time to do so before we lock you in one of petrifying Peter’s dog kennels.